Torchlight 2 Initial Thoughts


As you can see from the screenshot, I’m about half-way through level 10 with my Embermage, Draig. This is after a little more than 2 hours of play. Here are my thoughts so far.

To Embermage or Not To Embermage

I normally choose the tank class when playing a game like this. My main run through the original Torchlight was with the Destroyer. This is a holdover from the original Diablo. While the Sorcerer became powerful later on, I had a hard time with him at the beginning.

This time, however, I decided to try out the Embermage first. I chose the Veteran difficulty and headed out. 5 levels in, I almost pulled the plug on him.

My main problem was mana. I couldn’t take down very many baddies before I ran out. It was really frustrating. Until I noticed this.


I noticed it empty one time and wondered what it was doing. Obviously the way to find out what something in an RPG does is to hover over it with the mouse. Here’s what it said.


Nice! So when the bar fills up, I can blast everything as much as I want for 12 seconds.

This changed my strategy significantly. For one thing, if the bar is close to filling up I won’t stop for anything. It doesn’t matter if I just looted something epic or leveled up, I’m killin’ baddies until it fills. After I bring the pain, then I’ll stop to make adjustments.

Of course I’m still pretty fragile. I died several times trying to kill Mordrox. Which brings me to another observation.

Pet upgrades

The pet makes its return from the original Torchlight. However, it has one upgrade that saved me more than once.

Instead of just being able to send your pet back to town to sell stuff, you can now give them a shopping list.


You can tell your pet to pick up different things and they will. After I died the second time against Mordrox, I sent Manx to town to get 20 health potions. It was still tough but it was enough.

I’m enjoying Torchlight 2 a ton! Like Borderlands 2, it’s everything I wanted in the sequel. Now the only question is, which one do I want to play?


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    I would like to see some replacement mods in Torchlight 2. One of them includes getting rid of all guns,cannons,and pistols.Throwing daggers to replace pistols (for Outlander) and redo skill tree for throwing daggers instead of pistols. Replace all guns with appropriate replacement (double or triple bows for example). Would also like to see a low texture mod so that everything will run smoother on low end computers. And finally I would like to see a darker colors mod to make everything evil looking instead of cartoonish.

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    I started this game a couple of nights ago and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I have a level… 26? engineer. I’m not sure how much I like the engineer’s skills; some of them are dependent on having 2 handers, a shield, or a cannon so the skills with those requirements are mutually exclusive. I’ve settled on carrying large two handers, though… I played tanks a lot in Diablo also :p

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